My Photographic Interests

My photographic interests include portraiture, nature and landscapes including cityscapes, and the abstract and surreal.  The galleries show examples of my photography in each of these areas.  Most of the images are available for purchase.  There is also a slide show of all the photographs on the site.

I hope you enjoy looking at the photographs.  Please feel free to comment on individual photographs or about the entire site.  I would love to receive your feedback.

Slide Show

In this gallery, all the photographs on this site are displayed in a slide show.   I hope you enjoy the show.

Gallery 1

This gallery presents abstract and surrealistic images, often with an element of symmetry superimposed.  Some of the images are abstracts, others have recognizable objects in altered states.  These images could also be considered digital art.

Gallery 2

In this gallery, there are natural and urban landscapes,  animals and flowers.

Gallery 3

This gallery contains portraits, both realistic and surrealistic.  They range from headshots to figure studies, from fully clothed to fine art nude.

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