From the Real to the Surreal

The photographs on this site range from the realistic to the abstract to the surrealistic.  Some images correspond to what you might expect to see.  Others can seem like they are part of a dream world in which light, shadows, time and color are distorted and ordinary perceptions are misleading.

I hope you enjoy looking at the photographs.  Please feel free to comment on individual photographs or about the entire site.  I would love to receive your feedback. 


In the Sur-Reality gallery, all the photographs on this site are displayed in a slide show. 

Gallery 1

This gallery presents surrealistic images, often with an element of symmetry superimposed. Some of the images are abstracts, others have recognizable objects in dreamlike states.

Gallery 2

In this gallery, there are natural and urban landscapes,  animals and flowers as well as figure studies.  The photographs range from the realistic to the surrealistic.

Gallery 3

This gallery contains portraits, both realistic and surrealistic.

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